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Date: Tue 27 May 2003 - 20:55:38 GMT

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    > On Tuesday, May 27, 2003, at 03:47 PM, Ray wrote:
    > > Of course random
    > > outside effects during the performance effect transmission of the
    > > meme. Who on earth would deny that?
    > The memeinthemind model denies it whenever it claims the meme is
    > transmitted from one mind to another, and then also claims that it is
    > the selfsame meme.
    > - Wade

    This is your misperception alone.

    The meme in the mind claims that we percieve each other as having the thoughts and ideas that share a common ground. This is the basis for human empathy and for human language. We assume that hunger in one head shares a commonality with hunger in another head, and that the concept of democracy is one head shares a commonality with the concept of democracy in another. The commonality is the essence of the meme in both heads.

    Our empathy and perception of commonality are fundamental roots of human society, and can and should serve as the basis for scientific study in memetics.

    The meme-in-the-mind model recognizes that variation can be introduced at a variety of levels, including unplanned changes during expression. There is simply no reason whatsoever for it not to. What it is capable of doing, which your performance based model is not among other things, is analyzing mental processes by which memes are altered. We can't point towards the specific neurochemical changes involved in these processes either, but they clearly occur. Your performance based model can not account for them without considering internal human awareness.

    Ray Recchia

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