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From: Ray Recchia (
Date: Mon 26 May 2003 - 20:51:43 GMT

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    At 04:38 PM 5/26/2003 -0400, you wrote:

    >On Monday, May 26, 2003, at 03:22 PM, Keith wrote:
    >>As I have recently stated, "meme" is a slightly more restrictive word than
    >>idea. You can have an idea without communicating it, but if it is
    >>communicated, the idea (information) has replicated making it a meme
    >>(replicating information).
    >Of course, this model denies any agency to the performance itself, which
    >is also effected by aleatory influences, and both are agencies in cultural

    Did you see anyone saying a meme in the mind denies aleatory influences except you? I don't see anyone saying that. Pretty weak. Of course random outside effects during the performance effect transmission of the meme. Who on earth would deny that?

    Ray Recchia

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