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    > I do not believe that we are blindly selected by our environments,
    > without also selecting for our future environments in a co-evolutionary
    > dance. Thus, I am not the memetic equivalent of a Watsonian or
    > Skinnerian behaviorist, but consider myself to be a cognitive
    > memetician.

    And yes, that is your prerogative and we should admire the fact you being consistent in your argumentation about the matter, but one thing simply remains_ the fact that we select our future environments in a co- evolutionay way can be just yet another cultural demand in order to propagate ideas, thoughts and memories.

    The fact that we think that we select, and do have the will and the aility to do so has an enormous impact on our species and upon the environment we all live in. The alledged selection of who we want to be, what kind of religion we wish to believe in, even gender is submitted to change these days has consequences beyond our understanding. The selection of we being genetic/ memetic unique, of we being individuals has created possibilites beyond our imagination.

    Groupbounding was an important aspect of we becoming human in the first place. Individuality these days is the norm. Did we select it or were there certain aspects of/ within the environment that induced those upon us !? If it is neither, and as you claim it is done within the context of co- evolution, who hold the leach !? Still not sure who is Bigfoot and who is the Yeti....



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