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Date: Mon 26 May 2003 - 18:19:56 GMT

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    > As I said before to Wade, I can comminicate the date of my birthday to
    > a common language speaker on the equator or on either pole.

    Yes you can, and the fact you think you decided this within the template of cognitive intention, makes its true, does it !?

    No, Wade' s scheme insist upon the fact that culture- venues commands/ demands that certain performances has to be performed in order of cul- tural continuance, one of them is the performance that you, with intent will communicate the day on which you were born to a common language speaker on either side of the equator.

    I don 't see the cultural significance within the fact of doing so, but the fact that culture did command/ demand it, makes your moves performances within the persisitence of culture to maintain patterns like these.

    We, the observers, recognize this behavior of being part of the specific behavior of a grazy man, no intent whatsoever...and in doing so, culture did once again secure established patterns of maintaining performances within it_ the meme of recognizing such a behavior propagated, survived and a relational connection of previous, likewise but dif- ferent performances and observations of people behaving like that. That's all !



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