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    > Only if one considers one's own mind to be part of the venue, but that is
    > not what Wade means. He is denying the internal existence of memes
    > prior to their performative expression; this means that NO ideas can be
    > thought of, NO interpretations or conclusions can be made, NO
    > unexpressed performances can cognitively exist, nor can the intention
    > to express them exist. I find this bizarre and nonsensical.

    Wade did express his feelings about this bit already, but I would like to state my own thoughts, if I may. Wade does indeed consider the mind be part of the venue, he just denies the existence of ' memes ' within in. IMO, in Wade's mind, the mind being part of the venue means_ it construct, the interconnections, the neurons, the synapses, the signiling, the working of the mind (though the cognitive functioning of the human mind) itself is part of the venue,as the organ_ not what it can/ could / would inhibit/ hold within.

    > Wade is denying the cognitive gestalt; he is rejecting the very idea of
    > mentally stored memes. Whatever you've got the hang of is NOT what
    > Wade is saying.

    Yes, I am aware of that. I did mention that Wade 's scheme comes close to what I had in mind since the day I found this list. The initial elements aren 't changed much, but Wade 's scheme gives me a scaffold. I for one isn 't sure who is right and who is wrong. Unless we find some- thing that is meme- like in the brain I 'll be in two minds (sic) about the matter.



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