Laudable but Misguided

Date: Sun 25 May 2003 - 20:50:35 GMT

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    I can understand Wade's desire to achieve objectivity in memetic study; however, absolute objectivity can never be attained, as everything we perceive, do and know is filtered through our own subjectivities. The best we can do is achieve intersubjective agreement. But we must intersubjectively agree that we think and communicate thoughts to and receive communicated thoughts from others, via commonly understood performative action/perception encoding schemas; otherwise, we could neither agree nor disagree on anything whatsoever. The thoughts we have are indeed cognitive; on this Wade has agreed. However, memes are the subset of thoughts that may be transmitted to and received from others, that is, communicated between minds, via commonly understood preformativeaction/perception encoding schemas. It is logically inconsistent to on the one hand, acknowledge that a set (thoughts) reside in the mind, and on the other hand, that a subset of that set (communicable thoughts) do not reside there.

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