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Date: Sun 25 May 2003 - 18:41:05 GMT

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    > where is language stored?

    The mechanism for language is in the mind, yes- is this not basic linquistics? But, the technology of language is a system of symbols and behaviors which are _learned_ within the cultural venue, and, granted, these memories are stored in the mind. Is this not also basic linguistics?

    If Jill and Jack both learned their technologies of language solely within an english venue, then both would not understand chinese that encoded the same message of 'meet me at 2 under the city hall clock' that they would both understand in either written or spoken form in english, because the english venue supplied their referents for both written and spoken forms of english. And if either one had only been supplied with the spoken form, that one would not find any meaning for anything _written_ in english. The scribblings on the paper would be useless to communicate meaning to them.

    The venue of language is not different in your example, and thus it is an invalid example of different modalities.

    - Wade

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