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Date: Sun 25 May 2003 - 18:22:10 GMT

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    On Sunday, May 25, 2003, at 05:48 AM, Joe misunderstood me and said:

    > Only if one considers one's own mind to be part of the venue, but that
    > is
    > not what Wade means.

    You still don't know what I mean, or at least, have not, so far, been able to put it into your own words, because what I absolutely mean is that there are at least two minds that are part of the minimum venue,
    (and the venue is almost never at minimum)- the mind of the performer, and the mind of the observer. I've said that at least three dozen times.

    And here's precisely where you don't get it-

    > 1. Wade is denying the cognitive gestalt;

    > 2. he is rejecting the very idea of mentally stored memes.

    Because I reject that there is any required connection between those two phrases.

    1. I do not deny the cognitive functioning of the human brain, and never have. And yes,

    2. I reject the necessity of a mentally stored meme as part of the cognitive gestalt.

    But, the one does not demand the other. _Your_ basic formula here, that mental cognition _requires memes_, is _not the supposition_ of the performance model, which does not posit any mechanism for cognition, but accepts it. Meanwhile, your supposition is in no way supported by any fact, and no cognitive scientist is spending their sucked up for grant money searching for a meme in the brain, although many a cognitive philosopher has argued for them as a symbolic or explanatory device.

    A restaurant does not need a butchery within it to serve filet mignon, but it sure needs one somewhere. The ingredients necessary can come from outside, and, do.

    - Wade

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