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Date: Sun 25 May 2003 - 16:50:39 GMT

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    > Unless they're accidental, they are preceded by the internal, that is,
    > cognitive, intention to perform.

    Yes, ...but no, the cultural/ social etc venue induced it/ commands and demands that certain performances were/ are to be performed. The internal cognitive intention you talk about can be/ is just a go- between so that the actual performances were/ are to performed as demanded to/ for.

    Cognitive intention is an on its tiptoe walking mechanism so that cultural- venue- demands are/ were transmitted into actual performances. The (f)act of intention is just a by- product of the cultural- venue mecha- nism to get its message across.

    The fact of we having intention_ thus the choise and thus free will
     agency) is a cultural- venue induced socio- biological conditioned mechanism to have the 2 sides of the coin_ performing of not- performing. It is within this dichotomy that culture and thus evolution resides.

    Intention and its opposite inducement are the 2 sides of one coin_ getting order.



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