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    > My point exactly. Both the internal and the external are necessary for
    > meaningful, intentional, specific performance. One cannot swim without
    > water, but one also cannot swim unless one knows how.

    But the knowing doesn 't exclude the possibility that you actually cannot swim, a performance, the swimming iself is necessary to make from a shear thought an actual fact. You need the practice, you must actually swim to say I can swim. I can perfectly known how to fly a plane, just by theorizing, reading books and watch video's, but unless I actually fly one I will ' never ' know.

    > One must be in order to do (but this doing can be accidental, such as
    > stumbling, although most doing is intentional).

    People has certain reflexes if they stumble into water to ' swim ', but the actual fact of swimming is quite something different from knowing how. I can perfectly know how to swim but still drown. Little kids thrown into the water will express the swimming- behaviors in an automatically way, and they will 'swim '. Later in life we seem to have forgotten to express this ability. For it to be an actual fact we need to confront some bounderies which are blocking the apparatus. There are some effects attached to the actual fact of swimming we need to overcome for being able to swim in the true sense of the word.


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