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Date: Sat 24 May 2003 - 15:13:13 GMT

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    > I forwarded a wonderfully written article from the Times about how this
    > is not only coherent, but at the level of technology. You yourself, and
    > Lawry, with your 'memetic engineering' are explaining this every day.
    > 'Memetic engineering' is consultant jargon for altering the venue,
    > letting them only see green when you want green to be the season's new
    > color, as the father of public relations, Edward L. Bernays, whom I had
    > the great pleasure of spending an afternoon with shortly before his
    > death, did. Commanding the parameters of performance _is_ memetic
    > engineering, because it commands the venue, which leads to directed
    > performances, which lead, as they _are_ the replicators, after all, to
    > continuing performances in recreated or continued venues.

    Isn' t this than not the stuff that new age and the sort guru's make use off
    !? Isn 't the idea not that the environment has to work for you !?

    Das übermensch- idea of Nietzsche ( becoming more human) is rooted in the same principle, my own self- building via memes- scheme has its bias within such a concept. Although the latter is more a self- kicking- attitude than a scientific fact, more a psychological command to get the necessary continuance for my own darn memes....I needed some directed performances to survive.



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