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Date: Sat 24 May 2003 - 02:28:07 GMT

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    On Friday, May 23, 2003, at 08:50 PM, Joe wrote:

    > When you can show the effects of something, you can logically entail
    > that they have a cause.

    You can also logically, since cause is all you seek, call something an effect of divine intervention.

    And since there is an effect, a god must be the cause, for this model, and you are blind to the science of investigating.

    > But that is where Occam's Razor intervenes; real-world conditions are
    > thus left unexplained.

    Here's where I lose you. (Well, honestly, the whole type-token thingee is beyond me. I'll confess I don't understand it, and don't see where it impedes the performance model of cultural evolution, as I don't see where or how it matters to cultural evolution.)

    Real world conditions are not only explained in the performance model, it is the only model that allows for the fact that the real world actually plays any part in cultural evolution. It rains in the real world of the performance model. People fall in the real world of the performance model. Lightning strikes. Murders happen. Nails come undone. Ropes break. Things actually happen, and don't just get thought about.

    Or written or spoken about... in the same language... at the same time... in the same place... using the same map... to the same persons. To the cultural venue you enclose your example within, there is precious little difference in the expectation of the following performances from the observers of that which was written from that which was spoken, and the following performances is what matters, not the information supplied, and that bolsters my model, it does not quell it.

    - Wade

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