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From: Wade T. Smith (
Date: Sat 24 May 2003 - 01:57:00 GMT

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    On Friday, May 23, 2003, at 08:50 PM, Joe wrote:

    > My position
    > is that both the internal and the external are necessary; the internal
    > for
    > storage, mutation and selection, and the external for replication.


    My position is that the internal and the external are necessary- the internal (the performer and the observer) for storage and selection, and the external (the cultural venue, which includes all aspects of the physical environment, including the presence of the performer and the observer and their respective behaviors) for storage and mutation and selection, and the two in concert as performer and observer and venue for selection and replication.

    Not so extreme. And not so very different.

    When I said 'performance-only', I meant that only in relation to where the meme itself, the quantum of cultural evolution, is to be found in this model.

    And even the feral, as part of the physical environment, is an aspect of the cultural venue.

    - Wade

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