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Date: Fri 23 May 2003 - 22:04:33 GMT

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    I take this as proof that you don't really have a valid criticism of memetics or a valid alternative theory of cultural evolution.

    > <<My criticism of the memeinthemind model stems completely from the
    > presently basic fact that you can't show me one.>>
    > Do you have the same criticism of the theory of gravity?

    <<Interesting that you've brought physics into the discussion.

    Does the theory of gravity posit a graviton? I suppose it might.>>

    And since no one can show it to you, yet you don't have a criticism of the theory of gravitation, you have no basis for a criticism of memetics.

    <<But, of course, what you are saying is- why can't you accept the theory of a memeinthemind since there are minds?>>

    No, I'm not saying that at all. You consistently make up your own terminology and then ridicule it.

    <<Well, one has to get past a theory of mind in order to accept that, and, well, I think the jury is still out. Lots of very interesting testimony, however.

    Well, OK, so 'mind' is out as an analog to gravity.>>

    So now you're saying there are no minds? Or just that until we understand exactly how minds work, we can't know ANYTHING about how minds work?

    << Maybe you are saying, why can't you accept memesinthemind since there is culture?>>

    I'm not saying that either.

    <<And that particular question is precisely why I can't accept memesinthemind- because I can explain culture without them.>>

    You just said your criticism of memetics stems COMPLETELY from the fact that you believe no one can show you one. Now you say you can't accept memetics PRECISELY because you can explain culture without memes. Then, in another post, you admitted that your "performance memes" DO interact with minds as part of the "cultural venue." How do you reconcile these three conflicting statements?

    <<Granted, I have to accept that a meme is not a necessary condition of the workings of a mind, but, that is relatively easy, as, again, no-one can show me one.>>

    No one can show you that information gets transmitted from mind to mind? You, who affects use of the word "ain't" because you fancy yourself Lord Peter Wimsey?

    <<Seriously, equating gravity with mind is specious.>>

    Good thing no one did that.

    Richard Brodie

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