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Date: Fri 23 May 2003 - 21:05:10 GMT

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    > on 5/23/03 11:37 AM, Richard Brodie at wrote:
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    > >
    > > The "performance model" is, I think, a prank by one list member to
    > see how
    > > long he can keep well-meaning people going by posting ever-shifting
    > > nonsense. Any model of cultural evolution that seeks to eliminate the
    > > importance of the mind is doomed to failure.
    > >
    > > Richard Brodie
    > >
    > Richard,
    > This kind of sniping is unnecessary. And it is uncomfortably close to
    > accusing someone of fraud. You seem to think this unnamed someone is
    > advocating a position they do not, in fact, believe. That is, of
    > course,
    > dishonest. If you have evidence of this, you should present the
    > evidence and
    > name the person.
    > As it is, you are just whining.
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    You are being unfair here. Actually Wade has openly admitted that he does not actually believe in any model of memetics and has adopted a behavior (now performance) based model as a posture to stir debate. It's not fraud on Wade's part because he told us he doesn't believe what he is advocating. It's not fraud when I do it at work either. I pick from a range of possible legal theories and advocate the one that suits my client's interests best.

    Ray Recchia

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