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Date: Fri 23 May 2003 - 18:46:02 GMT

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    on 5/23/03 11:37 AM, Richard Brodie at wrote:


    > The "performance model" is, I think, a prank by one list member to see how
    > long he can keep well-meaning people going by posting ever-shifting
    > nonsense. Any model of cultural evolution that seeks to eliminate the
    > importance of the mind is doomed to failure.
    > Richard Brodie


    This kind of sniping is unnecessary. And it is uncomfortably close to accusing someone of fraud. You seem to think this unnamed someone is advocating a position they do not, in fact, believe. That is, of course, dishonest. If you have evidence of this, you should present the evidence and name the person.

    As it is, you are just whining.

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