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Date: Fri 23 May 2003 - 15:37:40 GMT

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    Reed wrote:

    <<Do you mean "any mental information is a potential meme" or: all mental information is memes, any of which might potentially be replicated in another mind. It seems you mean the latter, but you might be saying that
    "thought, belief, attitude, opinion, or learning" is only a meme after or in the process of replication in another mind. Given all the conversation about performance and such I think the distinction is important.>>

    If there is such a thing as information in my mind that will never have any effect on my behavior, then I don't have strong feelings whether you want to call it a meme, a latent meme, a potential meme, a dead meme, or not a meme. It's a particularly useless thing that doesn't really need a name.

    The "performance model" is, I think, a prank by one list member to see how long he can keep well-meaning people going by posting ever-shifting nonsense. Any model of cultural evolution that seeks to eliminate the importance of the mind is doomed to failure.

    Richard Brodie

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