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Date: Fri 23 May 2003 - 11:26:23 GMT

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    > I'd heard about the possible influence of Bartram on Coleridge. A March 2001
    > article in National Geographic magazine refers to influence on Coleridge and
    > Wordsworth. Some of Bartram's naturalist accounts in _Travels_ are quite
    > vivid, though if a tad hyperbolic. His laundry list of plants he encountered
    > are a good botanical brushup.
    > I'll have to take your post into consideration now.

    You're welcome Scott.

    You should check out Lowes' book (The Road to Xanadu). It's quite fascinating. There's no doubt that Coleridge had read Bartram. Coleridge kept extensive notes and they contain references to Bartram.


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