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    > > > Sorry, Kenneth, but ALL spiders of web-weaving species produce silk,
    > > > while within the human family there are imbibers and teetotalers.

    > Silk production is spider nature; booze-making is human culture. The
    > difference is as stark as the difference between genes and memes.

    Sorry Joe, but for me this is fundamental !

    You make a difference between spider nature and human culture. Without wishing to fall in endless philosophical chatter I do want to point out that nature doesn 't have a need to compartmentalize. Besides it stimulates prejudice and misguidings. I am not against the terms themselves, I suppose those can make it easy for people to form their lives, but to pretent that the spider has a nature and the human a culture is intellectual chit- chat. It is, by far all defintion and agreed upon by consensus....

    There are reasons to attempt to say that booze- making is a part of our ' nature ', social and cultural motivated and surrounded, no doubt, but it has and had it reasons within our ' culture '. Still booze- making rituals are very important to a lot of people around the world, it is their fascination for the spiritual that makes them do it....

    There is more than one way to talk about a nature or a culture, there is more than one way to be a spider or to be man. If there should only be one, nature would be a dull place.... Spider nature is seen from our, human cultural perspective, but both are part of nature, which in terms is a greater collec- tive, spiders and human are only little ' individuals ' within the greater of nature.



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