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    > No, my original plan and my original meme, evolved. Mutation, which
    > is, along with selection, required for evolution, can take place either
    > internally or externally, although conscious intentional mutation takes
    > place internally, and both are necessary for evolution.

    It seems I misplaced the post wherein you say that within the performance- scheme there ain 't evolution, but there is, Joe !

    You have evolution, selection and mutation. If you have any grundnorm, pick baseball that is popular. Despite the fact you add more rules, take a few out for that matter, increase the number of players up to 100 it will be baseball. We agreed upon that in consensus and by definition.

    But that ain 't the thing with the performances, baseball new version, played in any setting you like, will have anew performances each and everytime again_ time/ space differences; stadium, audience, even players ( and their minds) aren 't the same, weather, conditions of the field, etc_ all evolves/ get selected/ mutates/ procreates and propagates. And each time the grundnorm is used, written down, told about, shown_ anew performances will arise, quite the same but different. It doesn 't matter if those performances are due to internal or external stimili, or are results of instinctive/ inbedded/ natural/ nurtured effects.

    The grundform has its own evolution too, change the rules and you get it, but its a slow kind. In the fast lane there are the performances. You even get evolution, selection and mutation at times and in places where you or I don 't know nothing about. If somewhere in Russia kids are trying out the game, you get evolution_ but are they playing !? We don 't know, if they do, evolution is busy. Evolution/ mutation of the game is so " fast " that the game played right now is out of date even before it iever begun....



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