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    > They also *may* have a primitive subsonic language. But is it an
    > instinctual collection of calls, like dolphinsong, which never changes, or
    > can creativity be involved, like in whalesong, which does change? That
    > decides whether or not we may be able to consider it to be a language;
    > for now, the jury is still out.

    Are you claiming no language, no memes?

    Mentalist memetics would seem to claim the humans have a class of neural entities that other animals do not, namely memes. Neuroscientists haven't found any such things. They know we've got more neural tissue than apes, etc. But physically, the tissue is pretty much same old stuff. There are not little possible-meme-thingys in our heads that are missing in cats, dogs and apes. Or is it that animal brains are just stuffed full of memes but there's little or no way for them to get out?

    I'm embarrassed to admit that this line of thinking didn't occur to me when I picked Aunger's neuromemetics apart.

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