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    >> Note that, by performance, I mean not only the publicly observable
    >> sights or sounds, or touches, or odors, whatever, but also the neural
    >> and motor activity in those who make and apprehend the performance.
    >> All of that is a single phenotype. Each individual performance is a
    >> different phenotype. These phenotypes are thus very strange entities,
    >> spread over a number of individuals, etc.
    >> The memes are publicly perceptible aspects of the performance.
    >> Depending on the nature of the performance, the redness of an apple
    >> may be a meme, or the phase of waveform, etc.
    >> For more detail, consult that pile of musical notes: music, memes, and
    >> performance.
    > By invoking neural and motor activity, you attempt to abolish the
    > internal by relabeling it the external, but isn't this the very selfsame
    > internal that you claimed no one had knowledge of? It's the solipsistic
    > error in reverse. But then again, consistency is the hobgoblin of logical
    > minds.

    No. When a bunch of people get together to play some music there's sound that all can hear and there's what's going on in their nervous systems. It's all part of the performance. The sounds wouldn't exist without the neuro-muscular systems of the different performers and the performers wouldn't be able to coordinate their activities without the sounds, which they hold in common. The memes are properties of the sounds. The nervous systems are still, of course, internal to the performers.

    I've never claimed that we have no knowledge of what happens in nervous systems. All I'm claiming is that there are no memes in there.

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