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    >> Applying a biological analogy to human culture and communication does
    >> not magically transfer biology's explanatory efficacy to psychology.
    >> It gives the illusion of understanding but not the power. It's a con.
    > We DO know that information that Jack had that Jill did not have was
    > transferred from jack to Jill. We know the semiotics and the genetic
    > epistemology of the sigh-referent associations, and we know the power
    > of language to allow these referents to be intentionally arranged in
    > novel and meaningful strings which are coded in a commonly
    > understood language.

    Semiotics and genetic epistemology are interesting, but fall short on details and mechanisms. This won't do.

    > . . . . If that is not information transmission, then it
    > does not exist, and you are simply indulging in a solipsistic dream when
    > you type your objections to your alter ego. The 'how' is basically
    > known, requiring only fine-tuning, as is the 'where' (the temporal lobes
    > and association cortex and the mouth-ear nexus (hijacked by a second-
    > order mutation, according to Philip Lieberman, from the hand-eye
    > coordination system), including Broca's and Wernicke's areas and their
    > connection via the arcuate fasciculus; the 'what' is rationally
    > indisputable.

    All of which is to say that you can't do what I asked you to do. You have little idea of what's going on.

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