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Date: Thu 22 May 2003 - 00:14:49 GMT

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    At 01:03 PM 21/05/03 -0500, joe wrote:


    >But Jack would not be eating the tomato (just as Jill did not previous to
    >its safety being communicated) if he did not know it was nutritious
    >rather than toxic. And this knowing is a cognitively internal meme thing,
    >that Jack not only remembers (this makes it a memory) but is able to
    >communicate to Jill (this makes it a member of the memory subclass
    >known as memes).

    Well put!


    >But that information IS the meme; the communication is just the
    >proliferation of it.

    Or transmission to use an alternate word.

    >Memories do not all have to be memes, just as any
    >writing does not have to be a letter, but if it can be mailed it becomes a
    >letter (not if it is actually mailed). Genes are genes even if they are
    >latent and not expressed (recessive). Memories are latent memes if
    >they can be communicated, and active memes if attempts to
    >communicate them are actually made. If the attempts are unsuccessful,
    >this does not mean that they are not memes, just that they are not very
    >good ones.

    Or unlucky ones. Clearly stated though.


    Nice posting. I appreciate it, but there is a point where it becomes clear that your logical simple model is not going to penetrate.

    Keith Henson

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