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Date: Wed 21 May 2003 - 15:54:45 GMT

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    > Memes are in competition for a limited resource, human brains. This is the
    > main factor that makes memetics so interesting since memes can induce
    > behavior that affects how many are carrying them. "Convert or die, infidel!"

    This makes no sense. Sooner or later mentalist memetics gets around to talking about memes as though they were living beings flitting about from mind to mind.

    People compete with one another for all sorts of reasons, individually and in groups. People say do things like: "Convert or die, infidel!" Arguing that what's really going on is that memes are manipulating people for their own replicating ends is just silly. It was a bad idea when Dawkins advanced it, and it hasn't improved any for all the elaboration and repetition it has received by others.

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