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From: Philip Jonkers (
Date: Wed 21 May 2003 - 12:04:35 GMT

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    >Again, every and any model of memetics needs to show how the meme is
    >active in cultural evolution, and, face it, the memeinthemind just
    >ain't- it just sits there, absent of cultural ecology...

    Memes in the mind don't just `sit' there passively. The mind is generated and constantly `updated' by the cultural ecology it is emersed in. No culture no mind and vice versa. I have tried to argue for the essence of culture in the shaping of the mind with my `feral children' postings 2 years ago or so. Memes in the mind constantly interact with culture and both affect eachother's evolution, a process which lies at the heart of mind-culture co-evolution.

    >The memeinthemind model also has a high hurdle to jump to show that it
    >is a _necessary_ condition for cultural evolution.

    The mind is the creative engine of culture, the converse holds water too: culture as the cultivator of the mind. I don't know if its a necessary condition but at least it's sufficient.


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