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From: Reed Konsler (
Date: Tue 20 May 2003 - 04:35:59 GMT

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    Wade Says:
    "It's all well and good to post messages and then say you've managed to convey some sort of information, but, unless you've done the performance, whatever you think is the information is moot, and you can't show it to me."

    Does that mean that by the intentional choice not to percieve what you are saying, I can cause your performance-meme to disappear? In other words, if I wrap a towel around my head does that mean you are no longer communicating?

    In that sense, of course, it impossible to "show" someone anything. I could make a statement like "show me that gravity exists" and then ignore everything you say. Later on I could say "see, you haven't shown me, so gravity must not exist." That's legal based on the performance model. There can't be a performance-meme if I'm not a willing audience.

    That makes logical sense, but in the larger scheme it does seem a little bass-ackward.



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