Raining Dogs and Cats

From: Reed Konsler (rkonsler@hotmail.com)
Date: Tue 20 May 2003 - 04:25:08 GMT

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    "You may not have realized but the varieties of dogs are connected by common ancestry and all can more or less interbreed (except for possible trouble between Great Danes and Chihuahas) quite easily. These dog breeds are a result of evolution and these dogs are related to wolves and coyotes. I see no trouble using the word dog to refer to the various breeds."

    Actually, the breeds of dogs, cats, and other domestic animals are a result of artificial human selection, not natural selection. The word "evolution" is normally reserved for a process of natural selection. In _Origin of Species_, for instance, Darwin uses pidgeon breeding as an analogy for natural selection. They aren't "the same" becuase artificial selection has an obvious intent guiding it, where natural selection does not.



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