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Date: Tue 20 May 2003 - 04:04:56 GMT

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    not just any bluebird, but the bluebird of happiness.

    see buck the horny blue jay for reference, sake. he's pretty happy!




    googlebot: This is not exactly snow.

    don't worry be happy, bobby mc funnycide. loves you just the way you are. buck the horney blue jay has reproduced again. check in the watt's residence, dr, sebby. three little birds waiting for their sacrificial day on waltar's frying pan. but will their genes go on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on? we're bowling for bluejays here in redneck ardmore with a lot of dead democrats, columbine students, and other poultry. at least they are proper deuterostomes, i'o'w they know their posterior/ventral sphincter/opening from a posthole any day of the week. you can't say that for some republicans and other living creatures.



    Two of Buck's brood pose for the camera at 4 to 6 days old. (see last URL)
    -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Update on Buck, the horny bluejay:

    After several futile attempts at clicking cloacas with Robo-Cloaca, the hummingbird android,

    buck took a break to get a good whiff of laughing gas before three or four more frenzied couplings with the prime-intellect/robocloaca-avatar. he was finally heard to say upon spying a mirror "i do not know this bird". buck's wife was considerably more understanding of the situation than either robocloaca OR buck. but then most women are generally smarter that way. sicillian cillias are ready for you, cecily. she recognized everyone and knew their intentions immediately. like an oracle with a cookie in hand.

    as my homicidal neighbor used to say, "everything its proper place." buck is our bluebird of happiness. i once had a suicidal buddy, who played every lotto he could find. then one day he asked me where he could play the genetic lottery. i pointed him to my next door neighbor. he immediately understood and has been happy ever since. bob and his bitch-tits :-)



    jack cheerios

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