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Date: Tue 20 May 2003 - 02:42:23 GMT

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    On Monday, May 19, 2003, at 08:21 PM, Joe wrote:

    > Internal and
    > external, once again, are BOTH essential, and when you reject one side
    > of the memtic coin, as with a 'performance-only' model, you are left
    > with
    > only half a theory.

    Again, sorry, but no, the performance model not only does not reject the internal and the external, and I'm damned if I can see how you come to that conclusion, but it is the only model that does not ignore how both of them need to be in concert in order for cultural evolution to happen, as they are required to be in a cultural venue.

    Performer, and observer, and venue. These are the necessary and sufficient players in the performance model. If you must, internal/external, external/internal, and external processes.

    What is happening internally within the performer and the observer is self-conscious awareness and socio-biologic conditioning. What is happening externally is the aesthetics of the venue, and the observed behavior of the performer within that aesthetic.

    Both internal processes and external influences and parameters are taken into account, and necessary and sufficient for the performance model, which you have only shown, in such comments as the above, to have a complete ignorance of understanding.

    - Wade

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