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Date: Tue 20 May 2003 - 02:27:57 GMT

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    On Monday, May 19, 2003, at 08:21 PM, Joe wrote:

    > They may be modified (mutation),
    > and the mutations may be accepted or rejected (selection).

     From Wilkins we have-

    "Memes must be expressed in a cultural ecology in order to be selected, but it is the class of behaviours rather than the behaviours themselves that are memes."

    - and I would see this cultural ecology as the venue of the performance model, and the class of behavior within it as the meme, not, as Wilkins so aptly expresses, the behaviors themselves, which can, of course, be happening without a cultural ecology, but only within a social or biological ecology, and thus, are not memes, at all.

    Again, every and any model of memetics needs to show how the meme is active in cultural evolution, and, face it, the memeinthemind just ain't- it just sits there, absent of cultural ecology, and once a performer _becomes_ active, perhaps (but not necessarily) acting upon the "specific strings of meaning/significance that are learned" then the performance itself, the meme itself, will be capable of selection.

    The memeinthemind model also has a high hurdle to jump to show that it is a _necessary_ condition for cultural evolution. IMHO, this is an impossible height for it and all that has been offered in the way of explanation for necessity is the equivocation of 'similarity' of information. Well, forget it- similarity is not isomorphism, at all. Ask that viceroy butterfly over there. And it certainly is not information transfer.

    In the genetic model, the gene still needs to perform to be necessary to evolution, otherwise, it sits. In Keith's explanation of gene replication through coded transmission forms, we still can only construct a small portion of any living entity, not the entire entity itself, and can only use this replicated piece of DNA in small and insertive processes. Genome manipulation through chemical structure DNA manufacture is more an analog of memetic cultural venue manipulation than the other way around.

    - Wade

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