Watt's meme

From: Keith Henson (hkhenson@rogers.com)
Date: Mon 19 May 2003 - 20:40:52 GMT

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    >But let's go back to about the time of Watt and assume Jack and Jill were
    >both mechanical engineers who designed and built Newcomen engines. Let's
    >say that Jill was on her way home from a lecture by Watt and finds Jack on
    >the horse drawn trolley. She could talk to Jack about it, draw him a
    >picture, or write the words "separate condenser" on paper and show it to
    >him. There would be a near immediate change in Jack's behavior with the
    >chances being very high he would *never* design and build another Newcomen
    >That's a meme replication event.


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