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    >> In a similar fashion, I don't have trouble understanding the claims of
    >> people who believe that the earth is only 6000 years old. But I don't
    >> think those claims are correct.
    > That is your opinion. Now how about some support for it or an
    > argument against the alternatives? It's easy to do against creationists,
    > but even easier to do against Wade's schema, which seems to consist
    > of perpetually creating sophisticated performances ex nihilo and
    > dissolving them instantaneously, concomittant with the end of the
    > performance, never to be seen again. Indeed, in the absence of
    > cognitive templates, it is difficult to comprehend how people are able to
    > successfully negotiate complex and/or lengthy performances any better
    > than monkeys can type Shakespeare.

    I don't know about Wade, but I'm not denying the existence of "cognitive templates." I'm just denying that that cognitive equipment contains any memes. As for justification, read my book on music, read the notes I've just uploaded, read my papers on "Cultural as an Evolutionary Arena" and
    "Culture's Evolutionary Landscape: A Reply to Hans-Cees Speel" at my website
    (URL below).

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