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Date: Mon 19 May 2003 - 01:55:40 GMT

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    Wade wrote:

    <<Joe, and others, are convinced they have a theory about memes that mirrors this discovery model- that it is only a matter of time before enough evidence from fMRI and other cognitive investigative technologies will provide the reality of the memeinthemind.>>

    Thanks for mentioning this, because I think it's a common error with people struggling to understand memetics. The only instrument necessary to provide the reality of mental replicators is a No. 2 pencil on a standardized exam. We know people can learn. We don't need to know exactly how the information is stored to know it's there. We know knowledge influences behavior. If it doesn't, Harvard is the biggest con game in the history of the world. So when knowledge influences behavior in such a way that the knowledge spreads, you have a replicator.

    Curiously, many people find this difficult to understand. Dawkins found the same about genetic evolution. I'm not sure why.

    Richard Brodie

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