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Date: Mon 19 May 2003 - 01:06:59 GMT

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    Wade wrote:

    > I can make an error in my plan, but still have had a plan.

    But, because you committed the error (and you did commit the error), the error is what was transmitted, and your original plan is moot, at least to cultural transmission and evolution.

    It don't matter a pair of fetid dingos' kidneys that you have a plan.

    Charles Simonyi, responsible for the creation of Microsoft's application division in 1981, used to screen programmers by having them write a short computer program given an algorithm written in English. The algorithm intentionally had an obvious error in it, something along the lines of "go to step 5" when "go to step 4" was meant. Part of the test was to recognize that it was an obvious error and fix it, rather than blindly following the instructions.

    Richard Brodie

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