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Date: Sun 18 May 2003 - 20:11:34 GMT

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    > Mind is active and alterational. Mutation and selection happen in there.
    > It's where hooks and filters reside. Replication occurs between, by
    > means of performance (including showing, telling, writing, etc.), but
    > selection and mutation happens predominately within, in the
    > accommodation to and assimilation with differing cognitive gestalts, and
    > all of these are necessary for the evolution of memes to occur. The
    > mind is much more than a conduit; behaviorism fell precisely because
    > its doctrine demanded that it dogmatically and erroneously assume that
    > a passive conduit between stimulus and response is all that the mind
    > was.

    Yes, but on the other hand that is what science can come up with and that is what we all agreed to. That is black and white, with no grey spots possible. Still there is that tiny bit of doubt that within the specific nature of memes, those last created a selection environment for themselves in order to pro- pagate, evolve and survive. The mind, or what we call it is, can be just part of a parameter needed from within certain performances occur and where, for making the condi- tions more probably, resides memory, hooks and filters. It is maybe needed for memes to occur, but it can be that no meme resides as such.

    We have no indication that it is like this, I agree, but like I argued as above, culture needs its performances, science holding on to its own commands and parameters is one, saying in an odd way, that maybe science is wrong, and I have no proof whatsoever, is another. We still need the dichotomy....



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