Wade's fragmentation problem

From: joedees@bellsouth.net
Date: Sun 18 May 2003 - 19:00:39 GMT

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    Wade (to Reed) Once the performance is over, the meme is over. That was it. Finito.

    The performance model does not accept any other existence to a meme other than the moments of its activity.

    If this were indeed the case, then evolution cound not occur, for mutation could not occur (since there are not two mutationally different strains to compare), and selection could not occur (since nothing could be repeated by the recipient, it being a shiny new and nonrelational meme). Congratulations, Wade: You've just excised evolution entirely from your possibility realm, and I'm not sure what you're left with (except that it is fragmented and behaviorist), but it sure as hell ain't memetics.

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