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    > Wade:
    > >At any rate, my main point was that a common mistake made in popular
    > >memetics is one of calling something like 'baseball' a meme, where
    > >baseball is in fact a huge aggregation of thousands of cultural
    > >processes, and to call it a single meme would be madness.
    > By the same token calling a computer a meme would also be madness
    > then since a computer is also a vast conglomerate of countless smart
    > engineering inventions that calling it one meme would also
    > be madness???

    Wade, if I may,

    You have to look at baseball, at computer, like Douglas Booker wrote, on 18/ 03/ 2003. Baseball can be considered as the nominal meme, the grundnorm, the marker. The ' memes ' are the thoughts, the results, the follow- up performances, the pre- suppostions, the claims, the cases, the continious agents, all possible moments, can get out of it. It is the specific cultural venue that allows performances to happen and yes, thinking is one of them.

    But an interesting aspect about the post of Douglas was his remark about the verb- like stuff of things. I consider performances, described like by Wade, being things that produce uptake, like Austin claimed for his speech- acts. What those markers can do is producing uptake, the problem is than that performances only can be justified within the context of being
    ' verbs ' or verb- like.

    Baseball is than, yes indeed no meme, thinking about it is ! Computer is no meme, using it is !

    The problem is, consequently that ' memes' and than just as such defined only can originate if at the bias there is a 'verb ' present_ or the 4 types of which Austin was so proud of, constatives, directives, commissives and acknowledgments.



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