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Date: Sun 18 May 2003 - 14:54:33 GMT

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    > You mean that there is something in my brain, and your brain, that is
    > the same if we both saw the same thing? Cos apart from on the most base
    > level of perception I'd have to part company with you.
    > I can only think that we would both try to make the same kind of 'junk
    > sculpture' copy from whatever came to hand in our respective (and
    > completely different) minds (i.e. resident memes from our different life
    > experiences, and differences on deeper structural levels too - whether
    > your internal representative hierarchies are wide or deep, loose or
    > tight; what separates the lateral thinkers from the hidebound, the
    > flighty from the dedicated). Whether you are (for example) down the
    > Aspberger's spectrum a little and cannot support higher-order
    > They would only be similar to the degree that (a) we could manage and
    > (b) that it 'mattered' (i.e. what the selective forces were).

    IMO that depends on what kind of definition is related to the artifact you both wanna make_ here what stands for junk sculpture. I don 't think you both gonna see different things when looking at the Eifel tower in Paris. It is what is maintained as the definition for that iron construction that makes you see both the same thing.

    As by any chance one of you didn 't see it or don 't know what it is, than of course the picture changes, but that is something I can 't image. The sameness of what is in your brain can be explained by the ' recog- nition ' bit I talked about in an earlier post to Wade. You got a " picture " , cultural maintained of what is the Eifel tower, there can be no 2 definitions for that construction_ you ' recognize ' what you see as the Eifel tower, because that is the cultural definition it was giving to.

    The meme is afterall the individualistic/ personal/ unique reception you have about the construction_ the ' spacial abstractive information '. For you the Atonium is just another touristic monument to see on your trip thru' Europe, for me it a 200 billion time enlarged model of an iron molecule. Both are in a sense, Atonium- memes, but our reception, the abstractive information we got out of it, is different, but what we both see is the construction.



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