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    > Reasonable enough, but the internal gestalt is as essential as the
    > external gestalt for specifying the response to received memetic info.
    > Wade seems to be trying to dismiss or ignore it, going so far as to say
    > that there can be no memes in the mind; however, this is where they go,
    > between the perceptual stimulus of their reception and the recipient's
    > actional response. That middle, conversion stage is precisely what
    > both Wade and the behaviorists attempt to excise; I must therefore
    > conclude that his 'performative model' is pseudomemetic
    > cryptobehaviorism.

    Never acquited the possibility that the internal gestalt is as essential as the rest of the picture. Moreover, it seems to me that the response is due to that kind of stuff. The person who feels uptight or depressive will of course respond dif- ferently if one said there is a bear in the berry patch_ but anyway, their response is unique in effect and in origin. There can be no ' selfsame ' answer to any situation that created any accident.

    I understand why Wade is saying that there are no ' memes ' in the mind_ Wade maintains in his view that the memetic information is within the performance. I hope you see that too. What I think he is trying to sway us all in, is the logical, in his mind, position that our mind is just yet another stage, a specific no doubt, that works ' outside ' the main frame of his performance- scheme. The mind is than just an apparatus cognitive in relation to the effects of any situation that created any accident.

    The mind, he is not denying its existence, is just yet another agency in the mix. It is more a gateway, an agent somehow ' outside ' the performance scheme but yet part of, and moreover right in the middle of our social and viable environment. Within itself the mind transmits and transforms but don 't ' hold ' any- thing_ in a way, when it should just do that, what it should hold was to be always ' old ', never getting refresched, but that is just what we experience all the time. Our mind is constantly moving the furniture around in our head, nothing is held in one place, messages interact with what is inside in our, always under construction, cognitive gestalt.

    I understand, if we hold such a view, memory becomes problematic, and I haven 't got a clue how we must define memory than, but for the moment it is still worthwile to explore what Wade has to say....



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