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Date: Sat 17 May 2003 - 22:20:56 GMT

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    > The ideational and the actional are BOTH ESSENTIAL for
    > the process to function, and NEITHER can be reasonably denied.

    Of course they are. And the performance model _does not_ deny them, at all. They are all qualities of the performers and observers. But what the memeinthemind model _does_ deny is the action of the venue itself and almost any and all aleatory or chance happenstances. The process of cultural evolution does not occur, at all, in a vacuum of non-performing ideational agents or in perfect and non-moving air upon a static ground.

    After all, yes, there _is_ a process that needs to _function_, and in order to function, actors are needed.

    Not just the script, not just the stage, not just the audience sitting and waiting, but, an actor performing, and all are needed together, not just one at a time, or one over there and one over here.

    - Wade

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