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Date: Sat 17 May 2003 - 15:55:11 GMT

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    >> So why are you promoting cultural behaviorism?

    >It must look like that, I suppose, but, I'm not. I am promoting culture
    >as having evolutionary processes, which is what I thought memetics was
    >all about. I have to include behaviorism (in the form of behavior as an
    >agent of cultural evolution), because the human animal is an agent in
    >cultural evolution, and like all animals on this planet, is imbued with
    >But I am not declaring that there is no agency of 'free-will' or
    >choice, or individualism, or that all behaviors are hard-wired.
    >I suppose, yes, I am declaring that, because culture commands venues of
    >performance, that there is a lack of freedom in any cultural
    >performance, but, that is also ill-expressed, as the performance itself
    >can be totally free (which is the case in all aleatory happenstances
    >and accidents), but the continuation of culture depends upon the
    >control of the parameters to the extent that quite often, people are
    >trained to perform in quite rigid ways, a la all orthodoxies.
    >Anyway, I'm not promoting cultural behaviorism.

    What do you call it then? Cultural performance-ism?

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