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Date: Fri 16 May 2003 - 08:56:48 GMT

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    Keith said:

    "The information for a piano recital would reside in the memory of the individual about to play, such as what key sequences to play during each song."

    I would interpret that as saying the memes are in the mind of the individual about to play.

    "It may also reside on a score sheet as a mnemonic device.

    I would interpret that as saying the memes are on the score sheet.

    "To the audience, the performance itself is the efficacious aspect of the recital."

    A memeber of the audience replicates the memes in his mind through the medium of the performance.

    "They do not witness the firing patterns of synapses or unless they have rally good vision they are not looking at the score, if the person at recital is playing with the aid of a score."

    And, in this example, not via another medium.

    "[the audience is] not listening to or watching your neural processes directly."

    But, they are also not witnessing to the performance 'directly'. The experience of any performance is mediated by something. There is always intervening time and space.



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