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Date: Fri 16 May 2003 - 19:14:15 GMT

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    > > 2) Where was the baseball meme when no one was playing baseball?

    > In the purely environmental version of (1), the memeset may have
    > disappeared completely, then a second different one comes along later
    > on, selected for by the environment to be the same but while actually
    > being completely separate from it (convergent evolution).

    Possible. Are you saying that every performance creates a selection environment that stimulates the evolution of a complementary performance? That sounds plausible.

    For instance, every time an transcription enzyme performs a polymerization the DNA-enzyme it is creating an environment that selects for the complementary strand over any other.

    > Else it was just there, frozen. Preserved in the record of the
    > performance of the rules (i.e. the rule book).

    So, are you saying that the memes are in the book, or not?



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