Re: Performance vs. Mind

From: Philip Jonkers (
Date: Fri 16 May 2003 - 16:04:43 GMT

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    --- Keith Henson <> wrote:
    >At 06:14 AM 16/05/03 -0700, Phil wrote:
    >> > I find memes in the mind to be a more intuitive
    >> >way of thinking about memes. It's easier to explain to people. It's not
    >> >TRUE. But then, no model is true.
    >>In science, thinking in terms of black and white is usually not very
    >>expedient. If you adopt the entire spectrum of grey colors a whole
    >>magnificent world of tolerance and possibility opens up. Models of
    >>even the simplest of systems are not true, that's why they are called
    >>models to begin with. A model aims at capturing the essentials of the
    >>system it is supposed to describe. By the inherently sheer
    >>complexity of the system and the inherently sheer lack of computing power
    >>and/or skillfulness on the part of the modeler, the model almost per se is
    >>but an approximation to the real system. The accuracy of
    >>the approximation with respect to the real system at hand (TRUTH content,
    >>if you will) depends on the ingenuity and skillfulness of the modeler
    >>among other things.
    >>So, to recap, indeed while no model really is true in the purely black
    >>and white sense some models are more true than others if you
    >>are willing to allow all those glorious shades of gray. The
    >>trick, or art if you like, relevant in science is to find models
    >>that give you maximum amounts of truth content (in the least amount
    >>of effort).
    >Considering a meme to be the information itself, no matter what media the
    >information resides in, I think is the maximum truth for the least
    >effort. It certainly makes sense in the context of Reed's baseball islands

    No argument here...

    >Then we can go on to discussing how pernicious memes make use of evolved
    >psychological traits to get cult members to amputate their 'nads or worse
    >to fly aircraft into tall buildings.
    >Keith Henson

    Yes, I'm in...

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