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Date: Thu 15 May 2003 - 19:25:54 GMT

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    > > On Wednesday, May 14, 2003, at 07:01 PM, Joe wrote:
    > > Meaning is not swept under any rug in the performance model- as a
    > > motivator of the performance it depends upon it, and upon the
    > > performer, and the venue, and the weather, and where the sun is, ad
    > > infinitum.
    > >
    > Sorry, but it does not matter if you tell a timid person about a bear in
    > berry patch inside the house or outside in the garden, rain or shine; that
    > person is unlikely to go berry-picking there the next day. However, tell
    > the hunter the same thing, and he's likely to head right out there in the
    > morning regardless of the weather or whether he was told about it
    > inside or outside.

    But it does matter ! Saying to one that a bear is in the berry patch outside in the sun will result in the persons running indoors thinking that his pick nic is now definitely ruined. Telling it indoors, he probably will barricate himself and his family.

    Even for the hunter it is important where and how. When it is raining he must find his boots, when it is sunny a sufficient water supply would be advisable and in order. Even telling him the stuff indoors or outsdoors is important and has its meaning_ outside, presuming he hasn 't his gun, he must go inside to search it. Indoors, he have to look outside wether it is raining or wether it is a sunny day.

    If you think this is not important, you likely will be killed by the bear or do have to come home early because you have nothing to drink.

    Our behavior is a cumultative result of performances done in the past, trial and error and some pure luck and some resulted out of natural selection, it doesn 't matter if already existing memesinmind were present or not_ if one of the hunters was to be killed or one of the hunters stayed inside, each situation and circumstance set the mechanism on its rails, similar in many ways but quite different in others.



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