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    > On the other hand, if the performance model is to be utilized, then all
    > these agents and processes are not tools of some weird, replicating
    > mental entity, but, tools of the culture of a society of humans
    > (perchance animals, I haven't accepted the arguments for memetic
    > activity in non-humans as of yet, but I'm listening), and cultural
    > evolution, as a process, is the result of performances (with performer
    > and audience, without which no evolution is possible, as human genetic
    > evolution is not possible without sex), which, as quantum units of such
    > evolution, the performance model calls a meme, because, at its root
    > definition, a meme is the quantum unit (the smallest quantity of some
    > property that a system can possess) of cultural evolution.

    Still I have observations to make,

    But how ' little ' or how ' big ' is than the meme itself in the performance- model !? How small or how big is the smallest quantity to define it as the meme !? One word, one sentence, one book, an episode of Bonanza,...?

    I see more ' contents '. IMO a meme to its full abstract extremes must have more greater matter, must amount to much more. A meme is the full infor- mative abstraction, for that and one specific moment in the space/ time of any or one's first performance and the cumultative follow- ups. We ' pick ' out what represents what is close to our extistent cognitive gestalt. But personally I go for the term ' recognition '....



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