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    > At no time or point is a representation 'SOME' of the original. There
    > is not one molecule of paint from Picasso's brush in the representation
    > of 'Guernica' that I see in my book from the Reina Sofia in Madrid, or
    > even in my memory of being there and seeing it.
    > The fact that I've spoken at length with a visiting Basque lawyer and
    > diplomat about issues such as freedom and oppression, also contain not
    > one iota of his blood or brain or one molecule of Picasso's painting
    > about his homeland, and, while it is the direct purpose of such
    > discussions to begin to reorganize and construct similar
    > representations, and to understand viewpoints and experiences, not one
    > feeling he's ever had as he's strolled in his streets can be
    > transmitted to me so that I'll feel them in my feet.

    Just observations though,

     But Wade, the ' experience '/ the tradition/ the stories are in some way handed down over the eons of time_ reorganized and constructed along ways of repesentations and recognition...and intention !?

    I see, among many others, the reason why people keep the memory about the Great War and the Holocaust alive_ to get the meme going, for us to understand the viewpoints and experiences saturated for that time- period. Not one feeling they ever had can be as such be transmitted, but we can empathic follow up their performances. Our feelings are thus just the performances to follow, being part of a succesful memetic evolution....



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