Performance vs. Mind

From: Reed Konsler (
Date: Thu 15 May 2003 - 12:52:38 GMT

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    Usually, scientists adopt new models when a present one doesn't explain observations. Can you give me an example of something within the realm of memetics that performance explains but mind memes don't. You've talked at length about how performance is more consistent with facts you claim to know or logic as you understand it.


    Let's be more pragmatic. I find memes in the mind to be a more intuitive way of thinking about memes. It's easier to explain to people. It's not TRUE. But then, no model is true. I don't have any problem holding mutually conflicting scientific models. It happens all the time. I don't like it, but it's a consequence of limited knowledge and brain power. I'm not going to throw away a useful mind-tool just because it doesn't match the rest of my set.

    Dawkins wrote a book about Selfish Genes and when I read it my mind said
    "Eureka!" because it made confusing things make was simple, elegant and powerful. That is how a scientific theory gets adopted.

    Give me that. Then then I'll by your idea. Until then, I'll stick with what is intuitive.



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