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Date: Wed 14 May 2003 - 22:50:53 GMT

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    You're right. It's a technicality. But it's a technicality that FOREVER separates mentalist memetics from science. If you just want to talk informally about culture then, sure, by all means talk about memes-in-the-head. But if you want to do science, then you can't talk that way. And if that means that St. Richard Dawkins is talking nonsense, along with St. Daniel Dennett, then so be it. They're talking nonsense.

    William L. Benzon

    I was about to respond to your transmission but between the arguments of you and Wade I became convinced that no information had been transmitted (at least from the scientific point of view) and thus there is nothing for me to respond to. So I've decided instead to devote this time to a meditation on the number of black men I've seen in movies lately (such as "Shaft" for example) who go around calling each other "dog" (or is it "dawg?") and wondering what Jack and Jill would have made of that. Will you guys please stop Bogarting the joint and give me a toke?


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